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One of the most exciting VR sports tournament of the year is here!

Dev Blog #1 Launch Day

Fellow Kaiju Warriors!

We’ve come a long way since Super Kaiju first went live on Steam Early Access, and the team has worked hard on implementing new features, content and incorporating player feedback. Now, we are very excited to announce that on December 6th, Super Kaiju will officially launch on Steam and Oculus Store! 

Competitive multiplayer Battles

Fight for leaderboard glory and experience points in intense One vs One battles against other players.

Unlock and customize your own Super Kaiju heroes

Five color skins for each of the three Kaijus, and FIVE more new Kaijus in upcoming releases.

Hero Abilities with Cards gameplay

20 abilities ranging from Shield bubble that protects you for a short amount of time to Missile Barrage that allows you to inflict massive damage on your opponent

Cool environments and Art design suited for all family members

Duke it out in uniquely themed environments including Lava, Ice Lands, and Forests

Compatible with Oculus and HTC VIVE

Comfortable VR gaming experience delivered by two of the most popular VR devices.

Command Your Own Super Kaiju!

Exciting Arena Combat Awaits!


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