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Dev Blog #1 Launch Day!

By Shaobolin

Fellow Kaiju Warriors!

We’ve come a long way since Super Kaiju first went live on Steam Early Access, and the team has worked hard on implementing new features, content and incorporating player feedback. Now, we are very excited to announce that on December 6th, Super Kaiju will officially launch on Steam and Oculus Store! 

So, some important info first before we delve more into the game itself. Super Kaiju will be priced at $9.99 when it goes live on Steam and Oculus Touch. We have seen many of you starting to play competitively in PvP with epic fights taking place. We are extremely excited about that and we feel that a lower pricing point will grow the player base so that everyone can keep busy fighting live matches as frequently as possible!

To show our appreciation for your support so far, we are offering an extra key to the game for those who have bought Super Kaiju during Early Access so you can invite family and friends to play. Last but not least, we will also be giving out a brand new in-game lobby exclusively to our Early Access players as a special thank you. 

Okay, so with that out of the way, let’s talk about the game! For those who are new to Super Kaiju, it is a fast-paced, highly accessible online multiplayer arena shooter. In the best tradition of the arcade games of old, the core game mechanics are easy to grasp, yet difficult to master.

In the game, you play in first person against your enemy and with a weapon in each hand you utilize the power of giant Kaiju’s in epic battles to the death. The goal is simple, destroy the other player before he destroys you. 

As always in battle, planning a winning strategy to defeat your opponent is key: should you shoot down the flying creatures to gain stars that will allow you to activate your abilities first, or go for your opponent’s Kaiju directly by collecting special bomb minions that can be used to deal large amounts of damage to the enemy Kaiju? A myriad collection of tactics are available to you. 

The official release includes:

  • 3x different types of Kaijus (Talos, Augerer, Countessa)
  • 3x types of flying monsters to charge your powerful abilities
  • 3x visually stunning battlefields 
  • 3x Power ups (Health/Damage boost/Ammo)
  • new secondary weapons for each Kaiju
  • 20x abilities ranging from Shield bubble that protects you for a short amount of time to Missile Barrage that allows you to inflict massive damage on your opponent
  • Challenges so you can play against friends and families

In the next few weeks we will be adding more content to the game. These include more Kaijus and their secondary weapons as well as an achievements/medals system. We also plan to add a ladders and tournaments feature post launch, so you can play ranked games. And, we are also going to communicate with our player community to know what new features and improvements that you would like to see added to the game. It’s going to be very exciting for us to be playing with you, and hear your feedback as we continue to develop features and content for Super Kaiju. 

We hope to see you in the arena!

Directive Games